About Us

Rockford Fire Department (RFD) is a volunteer fire department organized under the city of Rockford, MN.  The department consists of up to thirty three full members who serve in a paid-on-call position and ten reserve members who are fully volunteer.

RFD serves not only the city of Rockford, but the greater surrounding area of Rockford Township and Greenfield.

Fire Department Officers List

  • Chief: Ben Sanderson
  • Assistant Chief: Nathan Buoy
  • Captain 1: Nick Qualle
  • Captain 2: Tyler Neibert
  • Captain 3: Dom Lark
  • Captain 4: David Angell
  • Lieutenant 1:  Tom Weineck
  • Lieutenant 2:  David Reed
  • Lieutenant 3: Chase Peyton
  • Lieutenant 4: Brian Thoennes
  • Engineer 1:  Justin Mielke
  • Engineer 2:  Mike Billbe
  • Engineer 3:  Kris Menth
  • Medical Officer:  Dom Lark, Chase Holley
  • Communications Officer:  Adam Boeddeker
  • Quartermaster:  Nick Qualle, David Angell