Here are some of the more common questions we receive at the Fire Department, as well as our best answer.  If you don't get the answer you are looking for below, feel free to contact us.

What are the hours of the Fire Department?

Being a volunteer department there are no regular hours that the fire hall is open.  The department responds to emergency calls 24/7, however, the hall is normally only staffed during these emergency calls and on training nights.

Can I become a firefighter?

We are always looking for new firefighters who are willing to make the commitment to serve and protect the city.  You can find further information on joining the department here and you can fill out an application here.

Will the Fire Department fill my pool?

No. Though this was done in the past, the Rockford Fire Department is no longer able to fill private pools.

Will the Fire Department burn my field or brush pile?

Yes, the Fire Department often burns private wild lands and brush piles as training exercises for its members.  Those requesting their land be burned often donate to the department in return for this service.  Please contact us with your request.

Can I donate a house to the department to burn?

Yes, the Fire Department is very interested in structures that can be used for training burns.  If you have a structure that you are willing to donate please contact us to start the process of determining if it can be used for this purpose.